Research group Geiger - Physiology and Pathophysipology of Cortical Interneurons, Axons, and Presynaptic Boutons

Research focus

  • Molecular physiology, plasticity and synaptic function and dysfunction of interneuron subtypes in cortical networks
  • Network alterations and behavioural symptoms generated by interneuron dysfunction in animal models
  • Coding principles and energy efficiency of electrical signaling in cortical axons


  • Somatic and presynaptic patch-clamp recordings in acute slices of rodent brain
  • Paired recordings from synaptically coupled neurons
  • Quantitative single-cell RT-qPCR after electrophysiological characterization
  • Adeno-associated virus mediated alterations of neuronal expression patterns in the rodent brain
  • Laser-capture microdissection and transcriptome analyses of immunohistochemically identified neurons
  • Animal models of psychiatric disorders: Correlation analysis between behavioural phenotype, molecular deviations and electrophysiological alterations of neurons and synaptic transmission (future project)


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Group member

For contact purposes please email to Sekretariat-Neurophysiologie(at)

Dr. Henrik Alle

Dr. Stephanie Braud

Sonja Frosinski (Secretary)

Dr. Christine Gebhardt

Constantin Klisch

Dr. Benjamin Marquez-Klaka

Dr. Henrike Planert

Yangfan Peng

Dr. Davide Raccuglia

Dr. Stefanie Schinkel

Roland Schneider (Technician)

Dr. Katrin Schulze

Andrea Wilke (Technician)


MD/PhD students:

Michael Hadler

Julia Neugebauer

Veronica Rignall

Leon-Amadeus Steiner

John Thiede

Vera Wuntke

Zhen Hao Xue

Daniela Zurkan



Kerstin Rückwardt

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Publications of the research group Geiger

Group leader

Portaitbild von Prof. Dr. rer nat Jörg Geiger
Prof. Dr. rer.nat Jörg Geiger
t: +49 30 450 528 152


Mrs. Sonja Frosinski
t: +49 30 450 528 152
f: +49 30 450 539 950

Postal address:

Charité CCM
Institut für Neurophysiologie
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin

Office (Campus address):

Virchowweg 6 Floor 02 Room 340