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Kovács group

Mitochondrial Physiology and Pathophysiology in CNS

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Research Focus

  • Activity dependent changes in neuronal energy metabolism
  • Contribution of free radical dependent mechanisms to abnormal network synchronization in epilepsy and schizophrenia
  • Alterations of neurometabolic and neurovascular coupling during recurrent seizure activity
  • Mechanisms of pharmacoresistance in temporal lobe epilepsy


  • Combined electrophysiological and live cell imaging applications by using
         Whole cell patch clamp recordings
         Local field potential, oxygen and ion-sensitive electrode recordings
         Laser-scanning and multiphoton confocal microscopy
         Post hoc immunofluorescence labeling and reconstruction
  • In vitro models of epilepsy/gamma oscillations/microvasculature by using acute brain slices and slice cultures



  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft KO3814/1-1, "Vulnerability of inhibitory basket cells to oxidative stress during maturation and its impact on schizophrenia and epilepsy"


  • 2002–2004, Confirming the International Role of Community Research, INCO 2, Strategic action on Training and Excellence, (ICA1-CT-2002-70007/8)
  • 2008-2012, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, SFB TR3 Project D12

Group members

MD and PhD students

Mirja grote Lambers

Grace Gotti


Dr. Luisa Austin Hasam-Henderson

Dr. Alex Rabanus
Dr. Nando Taubenberger
Dr. Christine Huchzermeyer
Dr. Dániel Járdánházy-Kurutz
Dr. Anna Wojtowitcz
Dr. Seda Salar
Kristin Lehmann
Jutta Swolinsky
Simon Jacobi
Hannes Riemenschneider
Bifeng Wu


All publications are available on ResearchGate

and on the Research Data Base Charité


  1. Liotta A, Rösner J, Huchzermeyer C, Wojtowicz A, Kann O, Schmitz D, Heinemann U, Kovács R (2012) Energy demand of synaptic transmission at the hippocampal Schaffer-collateral synapse J Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 32(11):2076-83.
  2. Kann O, Taubenberger N, Huchzermeyer C, Papageorgiou IE, Benninger F, Heinemann U, Kovács R. (2012) Muscarinic receptor activation determines the effects of store-operated Ca2+-entry on excitability and energy metabolism in pyramidal neurons. Cell Calcium. 51(1):40-50.
  3. Kovács R, Alexander R, Otáhal J, Patzak R, Kardos J, Albus K, Heinemann U, Kann O (2009) Endogenous nitric oxide is a key promoting factor for initiation of seizure-like events in hippocampal and entorhinal cortex slices. J Neurosci. 29(26):8565-77.
  4. Kovács R, Kardos J, Heinemann U, Kann O. (2005) Mitochondrial calcium ion and membrane potential transients follow the pattern of epileptiform discharges in hippocampal slice cultures. J Neurosci. 25:4260-4269
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