1989 - today

After the opening of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 Prof. O.-J. Grüsser of the Physiological Institute at the Free University revived the Neuroscientific Colloquy which takes place – alternating monthly – in the Physiological Institutes of East and West Berlin and which improves the mutual understanding.

After the re-unification on October 3rd , 1990, the Berlin Act concerning universities and academies is being used in the eastern part of the city, too. The constituted Committee for the Structure and Appointment of Professors had now to outline  –among others -  a new  preclinical institution for the Medical Faculty. Thereby preconditions for new focal points of research should be created, personal structures of the (former) Federal German Republic should be accepted and the Law of Personnel Succession in the field of higher education should be acknowledged. This leads to a reduction of the  number of staff members and to new appointments up to 1995.

As a result of this difficult and time-consuming process a new Institute of Physiology was founded which in 1995/96 moved into renovated  rooms of  the former Gynaecological Clinic of the University in Tucholskystrasse 2 now offering sufficient space and methodical-technical preconditions for developing new teaching and research conceptions.

Since April 29th, 1999 the Institute is wearing the name “Johannes-Müller-Institute of Physiology”, and for this reason the collection of  historical instruments was re-opened as a freely accessible exhibition shown for the first time in 1977 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Physiological Institute at the place Hessische Straße .

Today the Centre of Physiology is wearing the name of Johannes Müller.

Institute of Neurophysiology


In the course of a further reorganisation into several centres of the Charité, the premises of the complex Monbijoustrasse/ Tucholskystrasse have been sold (look on the pictures below) 

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Inst. f. Neurophysiologie gesehen vom Weidendamm

Inst. f. Neurophysiologie gesehen vom Bodemuseum

Eingang zum Außenstandort Tucholskystr.2

Detail des Treppenaufgangs Tucholskystr. 2

Since June 2010, for an interim period, one part of our research groups is housed on the Campus Mitte (CCM) in the Neuroscience Research Center, the other one on the Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK) in Oudenarder Str. 16, in the so called Osramhöfe in Wedding.

The training courses for medical students take place in the building of the former dental clinic (CCM).

Our collection of historical instruments is currently stored and cannot be visited.