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About the
Institute of Neurophysiology



at the Campus Charité Mitte

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Institute of Neurophysiology

While over many years sensory physiology and electrophysiology were centered to the Berlin physiology institutes, the present work groups share an interest in the role of the limbic system in cognitive functions and in disease. A particular emphasis is on mechanisms which underlie epileptogenesis and mechanisms which lead to pharmacoresistance of seizures in such patients.

The pathophysiological interest of the Institute builds on a strong interest in epilepsy research which dates back to the pathophysiological studies of Johannes Müller on asphyxia in newborns, on the discovery of electrically induced seizures in dogs by Fritsch and Hitzig and work by Trendelenburg in the 1930s as well as by work of the group around Grüsser at the Freie Universität Berlin.

The Institute is part of the NeuroCure cluster: Towards a better outcome in neurological disorders.

Apart from research the mission of the Institute is in education of medical students and in educating students which are involved in pathophysiological studies. Thus we provide courses and teaching in the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, the Medical Neurosciences, and in the teaching program for psychology students. The Institute is proud of its high success in training both medical and science students for experimental work.

The Institute is seeing itself as a part of the international Neuroscience community with students, postdocs and staff scientists from as much as 17 different nations. It is therefore fun to take part in parties at our institution.