RG Gerevich

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Research group Gerevich - Physiology and pharmacology of neural network activity

Research focus

  • Physiology and pathophysiology of cortical network activity
  • Modulation and pharmacology of gamma oscillations
  • Physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of purinergic signalling in the nervous system
  • Purinergic receptors and network activity


  • Patch clamp
  • Local field potential measuring
  • Sharp electrode intracellular measuring
  • Fluorescence imaging techniques
  • Acute brain slices
  • In vivo animal models of schizophrenia (NMDA antagonist application)


MD/PhD students:

Alexander Klemz

Zin-Juan Klaft

Clément Lemercier

Maria Almut Meier

Florian Wildner


Constance Holman

Christoph Kulisch

Helena Stengl

Steffen Schulz

Segundo J. Guzman

Robert Karoly

Zoltan S. Zádori

Laurenz Kopp

Christoph Müller

Selected publications

1.    Klaft ZJ, Hollnagel JO, Salar S, Caliskan G, Schulz SB, Schneider UC, Horn P , Koch A, Holtkamp M, Gabriel S, Gerevich Z, Heinemann U (2016) Adenosine A1 Receptor-mediated suppression of carbamazepine-resistant seizure-like events in human neocortical slices. Epilepsia, 57:746-756.

2.    Guzman JS, Gerevich Z (2016) P2Y receptors in synaptic transmission and plasticity: therapeutic potential in cognitive dysfunction. Neural Plasticity, 2016:1207393.

3.    Lemercier CE, Schulz SB, Heidmann KE, Kovács R, Gerevich Z (2016) Dopamine D3 receptors inhibit hippocampal gamma oscillations by disturbing CA3 pyramidal cell firing synchrony. Front Pharmacol, 6:297.

4.    Çalişkan G, Schulz SB, Gruber D, Behr J, Heinemann U, Gerevich Z (2015) Corticosterone and corticotropin-releasing factor acutely facilitate gamma oscillations in the hippocampus in vitro. Eur J Neurosci, 41:31-44.

5.    Schulz SB, Heidmann KE, Mike A, Klaft ZJ, Heinemann U, Gerevich Z (2012) First and second generation antipsychotics influence hippocampal gamma oscillations by interactions with 5-HT3 and D3 receptors. Br J Pharmacol, 167:1480-1491.

6.    Klaft ZJ, Schulz SB, Maslarova A, Gabriel S, Heinemann U, Gerevich Z (2012) Extracellular ATP differentially affects epileptiform activity via purinergic P2X7 and adenosine A1 receptors in naive and chronic epileptic rats. Epilepsia, 53:1978-1986.

7.    Schulz SB, Klaft ZJ, Rösler AR, Heinemann U, Gerevich Z  (2012) Purinergic P2X, P2Y and adenosine receptors differentially modulate hippocampal gamma oscillations. Neuropharmacology, 62:914-924.

8.    Guzman SJ, Schmidt H, Franke H, Krügel U, Eilers J, Illes P, Gerevich Z (2010) P2Y1 receptors inhibit long-term depression in the prefrontal cortex. Neuropharmacology, 59:406-415.

9.    Szasz BK, Mike A, Karoly R, Gerevich Z, Illes P, Vizi ES, Kiss JP (2007) Direct Inhibitory effect of fluoxetine on N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in the central nervous system. Biol Psychiatry, 62:1303-1309.

10. Gerevich Z, Borvendeg SJ, Schröder W, Franke H, Wirkner K, Nörenberg W, Fürst S, Gillen C, Illes P (2004) Inhibition of N-type voltage-activated calcium channels in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons by P2Y receptors is a possible mechanism of ADP-induced analgesia. J Neurosci, 24:797-807.

11. Gerevich Z, Illes P (2004) P2Y receptors and pain transmission. Purinergic Signalling, 1:3-10.