Institute of Neurophysiology 

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Institute for Neurophysiology –
Cellular and Electrophysiology of the Central Nervous System

The Institute for Neurophysiology is part of the CharitéCenter for Basic Medicine (CC2). The main focus is on basic research of cellular network Physiology of the central nervous system (Nerve cells, Glial cells, Vasculature). Physiological and pathophysiological network states and mechanism are being elucidated by a combination of electrophysiolgical, molecular biological and morphological (in cooperation with the Institute of Integrative  Neuroanatomy) methods. Thereby, GABAergic Interneurons and their part in various models of neurological diseases and psychiatric ilnesses are of special interest. Please find specific information on the research pages of the insitute about latest projects and the research groups.

As of 2009 the head of the institute is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jörg Geiger, successor of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Heinemann (1944-2016). Furthermore, the institute comprieses the Neurocure Excellence Research Group of Univ.-Prof. Dr, Christian Rosenmund and the Emmy-Noether Group (DFG) of Dr. David Owald.

The key information on the research groups, guest scientitst, cooperations and individual scientitst at the institute are to be found on the page Research.

The institute is substantially engaged in teaching, participating un the study of human medicine (model study) and dental medicine (regular study) at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Please find further information thereof on the pages of Studies.

The Network of Physiology at the Charité

The entire Physiology as a basic science subject is being represented by the Institute for Neurophysiology, Institute for Physiology and Institute for Vegetative Physiology. For further information please look below.